About Amethyst 7

Amethyst 7 was established in 2017. It is the dream child of its innovative, free spirited Designer and CEO,  Morgan McClendon.  Amethyst 7 is a brand focused on carnival and festival fashion geared to highlight what is unique about each customer. Morgan pride's herself on creativity and individuality. With carnival being a pillar of Amethyst 7's identity, it is important that every woman that puts on an Amethyst 7 piece feels beautiful from the inside out. Morgan has always been an admirer of anything High-Fashion and what some may consider unusual. Naturally, the Amethyst 7 brand had become a medium by which she expresses her own interpretation of this. Each piece distinctive, reflecting her signature style, which she hopes can soon break borders towards international recognition. Everything made at Amethyst 7 is with love and always with the customer in mind.